Is your roof ready for the monsoons?

How to prepare for the stormy season

Roof maintenance can save you money as well as extend the life of your roof. Shamrock Roofing Services, LLC offers a variety of services to keep your roof in tip-top shape to weather through Arizona’s stormy monsoon season.

  • A roof Tune-Up service can be completed on Shingle or Tile roofs. During this service our technicians will replace any damaged shingles or broken tiles and secure any loose shingles or slipped tiles. While completing this work we will also update the seals on all roof penetrations and repair damage to mortar caps.
  • A roof Clean Up service can be completed on any type of roof. During this service we will remove debris from your roof caused by dust and dirt, trees and birds or other roof pests. Keeping a roof clean prevents damage from water being trapped by the debris as well as deterioration from the minerals in the debris itself.
  • Repair before you have to replace. If there is a pesky leak that keeps coming back the problem may be resolved with repair. Our estimators can evaluate the source of a leak and will work with you to determine the best solution at this time. If left untreated a small problem area can cause damage to the entire roof system.

Shamrock Roofing Services, LLC offers free roof inspections to evaluate your maintenance needs. Call us today to schedule your meeting with an experienced and friendly estimator.

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